A hope for Africa: The Great Green Wall Project

In 1996, eight years after the invention of the Delfino and Treno plows, Venanzio Vallerani published the draft of a project to alleviate the severity of human and environmental situation over vast areas of the planet: “La Lutte contre la Detersification (LCD) et la Rehabilitation de l’Environnement (RE) au Sahel avec le Vallerani System”.

That futuristic plan has now become very relevent in the new awareness that governments and international organizations have developed around the need for effective interventions for the regeneration of vast areas of degraded land. As it is proved, this triggers virtuous circles on many levels.
The draft proposes implementing actions, costs and projected results for working with the VS in the Sahel on a front of six thousand kilometers and a depth of 15 to be implemented over 6 years. It would allow the infiltration of 4 to 6 billion cubic meters of rain into the groundwater and the regeneration of a “green belt” across the states of the Sahelian zone.
The implementation of the project could contribute to reduce hunger, poverty, the abandonment of land and conflicts. It would give a substantial contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change.

La Grande Muraglia Verde
Download the study on the Great Green Wall (32 MB, PDF)