The results of the full and correct application of the VS can not be analyzed steriotypically as these depend on specific multiple factors that are very different from each other:

  • climatic characteristics of the area (particularly rainfall and temperature);
  • the purpose (reforestation, pasture maintenance, agricultural production);
  • the type of soil tilled;
  • good training of local technical staff (tractor drivers, forestry, animators in relation to local people, etc..) and the environmental education of the local population;
  • participation over various stages from the villagers involving the collection of seeds, sowing, care and maintenance of cultivated areas; the duration of the monitoring of work.





As an example we report the average results obtained over various projects:

  • Agricultural production: increasing from 2 to 4 times the production obtained in the same area with the traditional method;
  • Pasture production: increased from 5 to 30 times compared to the adjoining land which is not worked;
  • Forestry: average attendance of 500 mature trees per hectare after 5 years from planting.

Acqua nelle semilune
Stagione Piogge

Uccelli nei boschi

Carro di fieno


In a broader sense other results to be considered also include the positive changes that occur to the physical and chemical properties of soil such as: the amount of microorganisms and nitro bacteria, compactness, weight per volume, porosity, water content, moisture in the deep, and the high percentage of rain collecting.
The plant biodiversity has more than doubled.
The animal biodiversity is largely enriched and we can also see the return of animals that we thought had disappeared forever like jackals, hares, hedgehogs, squirrels, birds, reptiles, insects…

Lunghezza radici

Forte Pendenza

Giovani Piante

Piante dopo 7 anni

For a more detailed study of the results achieved in individual projects, please refer to pages in the project reports or studies commissioned by an independent body attached to the “Documents” page of this site (eg pages 5-6 and 13-20 of the report of Cills 2009), pages 6-9 of the “Implementation Report for the Syno-Canada Cooperation Project 2005-2007″, pages 28-35 of the “Implementation Report for the Syno-Canada Cooperation Project 2010 “, the results page on the website www. etc.
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