Welcome to our download area. Here you will find a selection of our most important documents for press and study purposes.
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Logo Vallerani System (280 kb)


Technical Sheet

Technical sheets for Delfino3 and other equipment

Fiche Technique pour Delfino3 - FRA (223 kb)

Technical Sheet for Delfino3 - ENG (223 kb)

Info sheet for tractor (200 kb)

Info sheet for tractor - FRA (196 kb)

Economic Documents

Economical documents related to the employment of Vallerani System on degraded lands and its results

Economical Data - ENG (445 kb)

Données économiques - FRA (445 kb)

Financial Analysis for Vallerani System - ENG (252 Kb)


An introductory leaflet to Vallerani System, its history and its benefits.

Leaflet - Introduction to Vallerani System (580 Kb)

Dépliant - Introduction au Vallerani System (580 Kb)


A thorough explanation of Vallerani System and its way of being employed in many countries. Plenty of technical details and other features. Approx 70 slides.

Presentation du Vallerani System - FRA (80 Mb)

Introducing Vallerani System - ENG (80 Mb)


Promotional images for Vallerani System and Nardi SpA

Poster - Vallerani and Nardi (1.1 Mb)

Poster - Technical data for Delfino3 (430 kb)