The “Vallerani System” (VS) is a new approach to technical and socio-economic integrated management of human and natural resources.
It consists of a method of working arid and semi-arid land to bring life back and restore degraded soil.

Developed in close collaboration with local populations it allows to:

  • Optimize the storage and use of rain water
  • Reforest entire desert areas
  • Improve pastures
  • Increase agricultural production


  • Low cost
  • High productivity
  • Extraordinary efficiency


Carta della desertificazione

The Vallerani System in the World

To date, the plows were used in 12 countries, on more than 115,000 he: Burkina Faso, Chad, China, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, Syria, Sudan and Tunisia. Everywhere the plows were properly used, without exception, acheived significant results and improved the situation of the local population