The VS uses the following technical equipment:


The Delfino3 is composed of a single reversible ploughshare and two ripper.

According to soil and rainfall characteristics and to the projects’ objectives the plough can be set in a wide range of settings. This allows to change the type, length and depth of the movements of the ploughshare and the ripper. The Delfino3 can be used with one or two ripper.

The single reversible ploughshare digs, thanks to its wave motion, micro basins 3,5m – 5m long, 40-50 cm wide and 40-50 cm deep.

Working with:

- one ripper, located in front of the plough, cracks and loosens up the soil at a depth of 60-70cm. It creates an ongoing underground splitted furrow which also collects the water from the adjoining micro basins without turning over the upper soil.

The ripper protects the ploughshare from braking.

This simplified technical configuration allows the coupling with a 190 HP tractor and a faster work.

- two ripper, located in front of the plough, work the soil for a width of 40-50 cm. They descend to a depth of 40-50cm where the ploughshare enters the soil, creating the micro basin. The ripper then continue to a depth of 70 cm and between one micro basin and the next they create an underground collection pocket which collects water from the adjoining micro basins.

The two ripper are staggered to move the stones and so protect the ploughshare.

This highly performing process requires a ~ 300 HP tractor.

For further information please see the technical sheet.




Depending on the characteristics of the soil and the type of processing carried out with the special ploughs of the Vallerani System, a double traction wheel tractor is needed.The power required varies from 190 HP to 300 HP.

For further information please see the technical sheet.


Older equipment (no longer in production)

Trattore Delfino
Delfino” plow which digs crescents or micro-basins at the speed of 10/20 per minute. These micro basins are connected to each other by a 2 m long tracks left by a ripper working at a depth of 60 cm. The micro-basins have the average width of 60cm and are 5m long.

Even with very low rainfall (200-500mm/anno) each micro-basin can collect up to 1000 liters of water, including runoff.

Trattore Treno
The “Treno” plow digs a continuous furrow subdivided by diaphragms 60 cm width consisting of the topsoil scraped off by a purposed built mechanism to leave the most fertile ground for the plants and so that the rainwater does not flow but rather filters into the soil. It is particularly suitable for plain terrains and for the improvement of the crop production as well as for planting trees or shrubs for reforestation, for orchards and for creating windbreak lines.