• Sabina Vallerani

    Daughter of Venanzio Vallerani, creator of Vallerani System.. Very interested in ecological and social issues, she starts working for VS in 2002 and becomes gradually more and more involved until she takes charge of managing projects all over the world.

    Telefono: +41 (0)77 4691710


    Skype: sabina.vallerani

  • Alessandro Vallerani

    Thanks to his long experience and expertise, both technical and human, he is responsible for the technical training of the operators of Vallerani System in every project singe 1989.

    Telefono: +261 344 904092

  • Francesco Quarto

    In 2007 he started his career as a Lawyer. From 2008 he’s working as external consultant for various projects in Asia and South America supported by the Veneto Region. During his career Francesco worked on several international projects that gave him the opportunity to visit more than 85 countries in the world. He speaks English, Spanish and French.

  • Nathan Kolb

    He knows Vallerani System since 1998 and is active as a promoter of the System and a trainer for tractor drivers and mechanics.

    Telefono: +41 (0)77 2088638


  • Rodolfo Grinovero

    La sua lunga esperienza con i mezzi agricoli e con gli aratri del Vallerani System ed il suo pragmatismo gli permettono di trovare le possibili soluzioni ad ogni problema tecnico, la conoscenza delllo spagnolo e del francese, il suo carattere aperto e gioviale, lo rendono un collaboratore prezioso ed importante.